How Tara Helps You Plan


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Strategy Bank - Never Run Out of Ideas

How you teach is just as important as what you teach.

Our Strategy Bank ensures you will always have new ideas of activities to try in the classroom.

Each strategy comes equipped with:

  • Summary - what is the strategy and how does it work

  • Links - the internet is full of great resources, tips, and tricks - so we bring many of those resources right to you while you plan!

  • Pro Tip - how do experienced educators understand the nuances of a different strategies

  • Activity Guide - “Great - so I want to do a discussion with my students - but how do I actually do that?” Don’t worry, we’ve got template guides for that and every other strategy too :)

Have suggestions for great resources or does your organization want to be featured as a resource? Let us know!

Drag & Drop Experience - Smooth lesson building

The simple, professional tool teachers deserve.

Creating your lesson should be your most creative and inspired moments - and not bogged down by clunky templates or endless paragraphs.

With our drag/drop experience, you can build the foundations of your lesson quickly and easily - then add the details, timing, grouping, and attachments you need seamlessly.

Already have lessons made in Word or Google docs? We can help you convert them into Tara.

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Export your lesson to Microsoft Word

Don’t worry, you can still submit your lesson to your own school.

We know Tara has not reached every school just yet - but we are working on it!

In the meantime, any lesson you create on Tara can easily and clearly be exported to Microsoft Word for you to either turn in directly or copy/paste sections from into your school’s existing template.

Wish we were at your school? Reach out and we will try to connect!