Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Tara exist?

As teachers, we have become more and more inundated with administrative and compliance-driven processes that make the job harder and less enjoyable.  The lesson planning process is the latest victim of this larger trend.  Between Microsoft Word templates and scripted lessons, teachers are being viewed more as delivery systems of information rather than expert educators and trainers of people.

New teachers - who should be given freedom and support in order to capitalize on their passion while discovering their style - often are faced with the most restrictive conditions of all.

At Tara, we believe that teachers, at their best, are “creative professionals” who thrive when given the tools to create their own unique learning experiences best suited to their students, their context, and their style.

Tara provides plenty of cues, ideas, and data – but does not try to do the job for teachers.  Instead, we hope to unleash your creativity by returning the lesson planning process to one that you control and one that actually adds value instead of just taking time. 

What does “Tara” stand for?

Justice! Courage! Curiosity! Family!.....oh wait…you meant like the word “Tara”…got it.  When we first got started, we asked ourselves “what would it be like if there was a teacher assistant in every classroom?” Then we looked at “teacher assistant” and saw the name “Tara” in it - that’s pretty much it.

Who is Tara for?

New teachers. New-ish teachers too. We are trying to provide new teachers with a new level of support and insight never seen before.

What do you have against Microsoft Word templates?

They are clunky.  Formatting gets messed up easily and attaching or embedding things is also pretty irritating.

They are static.  They are not able to adapt or change to your needs or new ideas.  Even if you have a very involved template that has some suggestions of engagement strategies in it, they never change and by your second or third week, they no longer add value for you.

They are disconnected.  With the vast amount of resources and student data available to us, the one place where we actually could most utilize those things is not connected to any of them.  At Tara, we are working towards a fully integrated platform where the best content and the most recent student data can be incorporated right into your planning process.