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Tara saves you time - gives you ideas - analyzes how you teach.


The Tara Platform is a simple, sophisticated tool to aid planning, teaching, and reflecting, that will help turn any new teacher into a Master Educator.


Great teachers don’t create lesson plans - they create learning experiences.


Tara is Every New Teacher’s Assistant


Create, Store, Share, and Export

“I know lesson planning is important, but it takes forever”

The lesson planning process can be tedious and take hours, especially if you are required to fill in templates.

Tara saves you time creating lesson plans by providing a simple, smooth lesson building experience - and you can still export and share lessons.

Tara Activity Bank

“I know the content, but what activities can I do?”

We do not believe teachers need scripts. Nor do we think Word documents as lesson templates add a lot of value.

Our bank of activities have all kinds of simple engagement strategies and how to do them best.

Tara provides new teachers with ideas.

Data Insights

What strategies are you using most?

As a new teacher, you probably have only heard of “data” when people are talking about student test scores…

Tara provides data about how you are doing.

Do you know how you teach?

You can now.

Reflect on your style. Learn new strategies.

Become a Master Teacher.

The Tara Platform can provide the first-ever data insights into how you teach.

Example Insights from the Tara Platform about how you teach.